Never Technology Alone

Whizzicle is founded to ensure older adults living in Canada have access to world-class tech support and technologies.


1. Purchasing Advice – Figure out what you want, what you need, & where to get it.

2. Installation / Setup – Let me get your new devices* set up so you can focus on life!

3. Hands-On training – 1:1 training and tutorials for ANYTHING at your own pace!

* Covers: Laptop/Desktop Computers, Smartphones, Smart TV’s, Alexa/Google Home, Medical Devices, specific apps/software & MORE.

Why Whizzicle?

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Jesse Sheather


Whizzicle Founder & Lead Independent Living Technician

“I started Whizzicle to give you the best and cheapest way to get your technology setup in-home and to ensure you understand how to use it like a pro!

I have 7+ years of experience in training and installing new technologies for my family, major companies, libraries, and friends of all ages. I want to use my experience to help you learn and implement all the new devices and apps that help you connect with the world!”